Enjoy a peace of mind while riding with allRiDi

Know that you’re not alone. We have established several avenues to ensure your safety.

Safety Comes First 

  • Drivers must submit a valid Driver Permit and insurance when signing up with allRiDi
  • All Drivers must submit a valid Police Certificate of Character
  • We don’t just stop with an initial Police Certificate of Character. A Police Certificate of Character must be renewed on a yearly basis which allows us to deactivate any drivers with criminal convictions.

Additional Privacy

Your privacy matters to us. Drivers can only see your first name and the first initial of your surname. If your name is Jane Doe, drivers will see Jane D when they are picking you up.

Know Your Driver

Always ensure that the car matches the make, model, color and license plate displayed in your allRiDi app. Also, verify your drivers’ photo and name

Share Your Trip

Your allRiDi App allows you to share your current trip with a friend or loved one. You can share your current location and route which they can follow along in real-time

Emergency Mode

Our built-in emergency mode allows you to alert your friends and loved ones that something is wrong. With the tap of a button, they will be alerted via SMS with a link to your trip details. allRiDi support is also notified when Emergency Mode is enabled.

In-Ride 999

Your allRiDi app allows you to dial the police emergency number. You can get emergency help right from your app.

Ratings Matter

As a rider, you can rate a driver after each ride. Your feedback is important to ensure you continue to receive the service you know and love.

  • It’s important to know that your rating is anonymous. Drivers will never see the star rating or comment you left. Your feedback is crucial in providing quality service
  • If something wasn’t right, please leave detailed feedback so we can investigate and take appropriate action


Our support team is available to speak with you and assist with any queries or comments you may have. You can:

Our commitment to you

Thank you for choosing and entrusting allRiDi to get you safely to your destination. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you again soon. Click here to view our pledge to you.

Thanks for Joining us for the ride